The Ghar Hira’


March is coming – so before the crowd starts to grow in Makkah, we decided to visit the Holy City again for the first time this year. So I took 2 days of vacation and leave Riyadh on 22nd February morning — it was a long tiring trip as usual and we reached Taif’s Miqat area around 5pm . We took a break for lunch/dinner in the small motel there and left to enter Makkah right after Maghrib prayer.
To cut it short we checked in into the hotel and started doing the umrah ritual around 10pm and completed around midnight. The girls– Alysha and Sabrina did the umrah for first time after many years. They were too young before and always cried during the tawaf and saie so for 2 years (I think) whenever we came here they would either stayed in the room or waited in the masjid area while one of us took turn to do the umrah.
There were a little bit complain from the younger sister but alhamdulillah we managed to complete it without much hassle. Ammar too were wearing ihram this time ( I took him wudu’ too) and he did the umrah without any sign of unhappiness :) — I always believed that he was the one with the bless of Allah who led us here great country of Arabia .

Day 2: After we completed Fajr prayer in Masjidil Haram (the kids were asleep in the room) , everyone were waken up early for breakfast around 8am. With the guidance of the GPS we reached Jabal Nur around 9.30am.
It was a tiring trip but worth every moment — the kids were complaining as they have to wait for my slow phase climbing the hill.. Hey! give me a break.. try driving for 10 hours and you know how crammed this knee was!
Alhamdullillah it was a great trip .. and imagine this we were at the historical place where our Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) received the first revelation ages ago..who knows if we have stepped to one of his foot steps around the cave .. Subhanallah!
The video below explains better about the trip :)